For Our Favorite Felines and Other Pets

A trained, insured, bonded, and background-checked Pet Care Specialist will keep your pets happy as a clam while you are out of town. We do our very best to maintain their regular routine and provide the companionship that they miss while you're away! 

For cats, each visit includes playtime and cuddle time (if they're in the mood!), food and water refills, and litter box maintenance. We require at least one visit daily to ensure that your kitty is healthy, safe and happy while you're out of town.

20 Minute Visit     $16

These quick visits ensure that your cat gets the care that he or she needs while you're gone. We'll be sure to fill up their food (according to your instructions!), water, and give them a quick ear scratch. These visits also include cleaning of litterboxes and cages, as required.

30 Minute Visit    $22

Our standard and most popular pet sitting visit, the 30 Minute Visit allows your furry friend to get the love and attention they need when you're not home! They will get to know their Pet Care Specialist well, and we will be able to ensure that they are healthy, happy and safe.

45 Minute Visit    $30

Longer visits are excellent for younger and more playful cats, and believe us - we like to play! Be sure to let us know where you hide all the fun toys, because we will be sure to tire your kitten out while we're at your house. Our 45 Minute Visits are purrrr-fect for your Pet Care Specialist to spend some extra cuddle time with your cat, as well. 

60 Minute Visit    $36

Hour-long visits ensure that your cat is especially cheerful while you're out of town! Your pet will get plenty of cuddles and affection, as these longer visits give us plenty of time to get acquainted and play! We will also have time to take care of things around the house while you're away, such as watering plants, switching lights on or off, bringing in the mail, or whatever else may be helpful. 

New Client Meeting 

We can't wait to meet your buddy.

At our mandatory New Client Orientation Meeting (which is free of charge and lasts about a half hour), we will tell you more about our services, how to schedule visits, and you can show us everything we'll need to know about caring for your pet. 

If you'd like, we can even bring one of our Pet Care Specialists along so you can put a face to a name! We think this is the best way for you to get to know us before leaving your beloved pet in our care.

In preparation for our first meeting, please have two sets of keys ready and all of your pet's vet and vaccination records so we can keep these on file in case of an (unanticipated!) emergency.

Contact us to set up your first pet sitting appointment! 

Scheduling Pet Sitting

Happy pets, happy vacations!

The dilemma: You're going out of town, and like any responsible pet parent, you're worried about who will take care of your animals.

Well, don't stress! Our Pet Care Specialists can come to the rescue. We will keep your pets happy in their own familiar environments while you're gone, so they can have their familiar bed, couch, toys, and food bowls.

For dogs, we require at least three daily visits, and our pet sitting is the same as our regular walking rates. For cats, we require at least one daily visit to ensure that litterboxes are clean and pets have plenty of food, water, and attention so they can relax while you're not home.

To schedule pet sitting, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Special Requests

Medical needs? House-related stuff?

When you leave for a while, there are certainly things around the house that need to be taken care of. We are happy to help; just give us a heads up! We can bring in the mail, turn on lights, or even water your plants. 

If your animal has medical needs, we have the experience to handle this as well. As pet parents ourselves, we know that it is especially important for animals to stay on their routines, and we will make every effort to make this happen as long as you leave us specific instructions and we thoroughly discuss your pet's routine beforehand.

We also like to keep our client's full veterinary records on file, just in case! 

To read more about our experienced Pet Care Specialists, check out their bios here! 

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